172 cm

Abbie, Abbiy, Slim Anya, Abby C, Kathy I., Angel, Anjelica, Chelsea, Ebbi, Ira, Abby H, Katherine A, Abbey, Ksusha, Ksyusha, Megan, Vera, Snejanna

14.04.1993 (30 years old)


42 kg

Real name:
Ксения Кондратьева
Krystal Boyd was born on April 14, 1993 in Moscow, Russia. Right after school, a young and mischievous blonde tried herself as a model, but realized that she could not achieve her goal in the form of savings, and such that it would last for a long time. Therefore, the beauty went further and decided to shoot porn. The girl did not have to wait long, because she sent candid photos to all known agents and soon debuted on the screens as an actress of adult films. The cute and skinny Ksenia Kondratieva started with a small – scenes with masturbation. When in this way the girl managed to attract the attention of not only the audience, but also more famous producers, she moved on and already began to act with guys and girls. Often the actress appeared in scenes with threesome sex, both with two male partners, and vice versa, with girls. She skillfully proved that she could push everyone to the limit not only with a wet pussy, but also with a deep throat. In 2018, as far as we know, Ksyushka stopped acting in porn, declaring that she had received enough pleasure and money to no longer return to a movie of this genre and continue to live for her own pleasure.

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