157 cm

Adrianna Chechick

04.11.1991 (32 years old)


50 kg

Real name:
Dezarae Kristina Charles
Adriana Chechik was born on November 4, 1991 in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA. The name at birth they received the following: Desara Christina Charles. She grew up in a family of foster parents, and she claimed in an interview that she got into this family at the age of 8 months, when her parents adopted her, moving her from Siberia to the USA. A young and hot chick is ready for anything, just to give her partner maximum pleasure and, of course, earn money. Actually, that's why the girl went into the porn industry, but until that moment she studied to be a biochemist, and after university she began to get involved in striptease. She made her porn debut in 2013 and immediately began practicing a hard style that was liked not only by the audience, but also by herself. With great pleasure, she takes long dicks in her mouth and tries to push them as deep as possible into her throat, which is what she became famous for. He never refuses hot group sex scenes, during which he enjoys anal and double anal penetration. She also became known as the "goddess of squirt", because no one else can finish as often and for a long time as Adriana Chechik.

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