163 cm

Mia Melone, Mea Malone, Mea Antonio

17.05.1989 (35 years old)


51 kg

Real name:
Mea Melone
It's no secret that porn actresses who were born and raised in the Czech Republic are becoming more and more every year. And there is nothing wrong with this, because these modest, at first glance, persons are often distinguished by their willingness to experiment and with great pleasure perform any errands in front of the cameras. So Mea Melone, who was born on May 17, 1989 in Decin, Czech Republic, can be described in the same way. The blue-eyed brunette began her career in adult films in 2012, when she learned from a friend that this way you can not only earn money, but also get a violent orgasm when it is so lacking. The Czech immediately fell in love not only with the producers, but also with the fans, who are now only waiting for the girl to appear in the new film. She became famous when, not being afraid of cameras, she immediately began acting in scenes with anal sex. Soon the girl went further and began to agree to group porn, during which she enjoyed double and double anal penetration. Getting a bright orgasm one after another, the chick got involved and no longer wanted to stop acting in porn, as she found the very profession that gives unreal pleasure.

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