163 cm

Lena Peach

12.10.1993 (30 years old)


58 kg

Real name:
Lina Paul was born and raised in Georgia, United States of America. She was born on October 12, 1993. After graduating from high school and going to college, she got a job at a startup engaged in agriculture. Out of boredom, a pretty beauty with gorgeous forms decided to indulge herself a little with a webcam and unexpectedly received an offer from an agent. In June 2016, when the beauty turned 22, she tried on the role of a real porn actress and began acting in adult films. The very next year Lena Paul experienced an orgasm from anal sex for the first time, and very soon she even decided to go on stage with double penetration. Then Lina realized that a violent orgasm, which can be achieved in a couple of minutes, is not a fairy tale. She began to pursue her career with great pleasure and soon began to receive the first nominations and awards. In 2015, she married porn actor Nathan Red and is happily married as of 2020. The actress herself admits to being bisexual and spends time with great pleasure not only with guys, but also with girls. Both those and others can be brought to orgasm by hot Sex in just minutes.

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