159 cm

Nina Blonde, Lucie Nejezchlebova, Lila, Kleine Pflaume, Kleine Lisa, Lola Myluv

19.02.1988 (36 years old)


46 kg

Real name:
Dido Angel or Lola Myluv was born on February 19, 1988 in the Czech Republic. It is worth noting that she is one of those actresses whose number of pseudonyms exceeds a dozen, or even several. Fortunately, she often performs under the names mentioned above. This pretty blonde with small breasts and beautiful eyes instantly became popular when she broke into the world of porn and began acting in beautiful films. The girl first took part in lesbian scenes, and then she began to please the guys in the frame. Not afraid to experiment, the chick soon began to have anal sex, not forgetting where she started. Also, the baby takes part in scenes of triolism and group sex. Here, as Dido Angel herself admits, she gets maximum pleasure, and also delivers it to two partners at once, whether they are guys or girls. Also, after watching several films with the participation of this beauty, we can conclude that she likes oral sex more than anything else in the world. Dido can suck erect penises for hours or lick the sweet slits of same-sex partners, just to give them maximum pleasure. At the same time, do not forget that the actress herself is not averse to enjoying cunnilingus and gentle kisses.

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