Michelle Can




157 cm

Michelle Carr

21.10.1997 (26 years old)



Real name:
Michelle Can was born on October 21, 1997 in Russia. A young and ready-made chick could not achieve much popularity outside the CIS countries, and therefore decided to continue having fun, acting in Russian porn. Here, of course, as the actress herself states, you can earn much less than in foreign films, but she never remains without a violent orgasm. Michelle Jan used to star in lesbian and solo scenes when she was just starting her career in adult films. Soon the girl realized that she was ready for more serious challenges and began to appear in porn with traditional sex. After that, the Russian woman went even further and soon the first video was released, where she gives herself to a tight ass. Now a pretty girl with small breasts regularly plays students who take exams with the help of sex. Sometimes participates in scenes of triolism, both with guys and with girls. He does not refuse a violent orgasm from double penetration, and therefore regularly practices anal sex.

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