172 cm

Elena Rae, Queen Kira, Kyra Queen

28.06.1986 (37 years old)


58 kg

Real name:
Ада Махачева
Kira Queen was born on June 28, 1986 in Dagestan, Russia. She can definitely be called one of the most scandalous, but at the same time attractive and hot, girls of the country. The beauty became famous in porn due to her large breasts, as well as her willingness to experiment and the desire to fuck in front of the cameras. Many do not understand why Kira Queen chose such a profession, because she is a native of a Muslim country, where such an action is considered unacceptable. In fact, the actress's name is Ada Makhacheva and she has never hidden it. In addition, a sexy brunette, who, by the way, does not have tattoos and piercings, believing that her body is already fine, is happy to contact journalists and talks about her profession with pride. Strangely enough, Ada was not always so burning and insatiable. Until the age of 15, she did not know at all what close communication with guys was. The beauty herself claims that she kissed only for the first time at the age of 21, and the first sex happened for great love, at the age of 23. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Kira broke up with the very guy to whom she gave her virginity, and all because she decided that family life did not suit her. That's when Queen went to conquer the porn industry.

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