Roquel, Maisie, Harper

20.04.1990 (34 years old)



Real name:
Kitana Lurie was born on April 20, 1990 in Russia. Her height is 170 centimeters, and the actress weighs 61 kilograms. Despite the solid figures, it cannot be said that the girl is full or in the body. She has a gorgeous figure, which she supports by regularly exercising and, of course, fucking non-stop. The girl is filmed for some Russian as well as European studios, where she skillfully shows off her charms and shows everything she is capable of. At the beginning of her career, she skillfully pampered her girlfriends with cunnilingus and herself ended up with oral caresses, but soon moved from lesbian scenes to traditional sex. It is important to remember that Kitana Lure does not forget about the fame that she got after scenes with toys and other girls, and therefore regularly continues to caress her partners. In 2020, she actively continues to have sex in front of cameras, and she does it so effectively that she can excite anyone. She willingly takes part in scenes with anal and interracial sex, and also fucks in group sex, where sometimes she even gets double penetration.

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