158 cm

Gloria Sanders, Katja N

21.06.1990 (33 years old)


45 kg

Real name:
Александра Брезнова
Sasha Rose was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, on June 21, 1990. The groovy brunette began her career in porn in 2008, when she decided that it was time not only to get pleasure from sex, but also money. The pretty actress lived in Budapest for a long time, where she starred in porn. Now a skinny Russian woman with silicone breasts often travels the world and, of course, does not forget about the main occupation – hot sex, wherever she is. Sasha Rose's height is 160 centimeters, and she weighs only 43 kilograms. The actress boasts a flat tummy and an elastic ass. She achieved this with the help of regular classes in the gym and, of course, a strict diet. In addition, the girl herself claims that hot sex, both traditional and anal, helps to keep the figure in shape. The green-eyed brunette has been doing her favorite thing for quite a long time and is not going to stop until she becomes one of the most popular and attractive actresses in the world. By the way, if she continues to perform what she is a real professional in, then it won't be long before she reaches her cherished dream.

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