154 cm

Emily Coquine

18.03.1997 (27 years old)



Real name:
Angel Emily was born on March 18, 1997 in Grasse, France. Like many other actresses, the girl did not even think that her vocation in life was to act in porn. However, in 2017, the chick decided to try herself as an actress of adult films in order not only to earn money, but also to get pleasure from the process, as well as to become a real star. As a result, the actress liked having sex in front of the camera so much that she decided to continue doing it. Despite the small breasts, the baby can easily excite anyone, because few people can resist a burning Frenchwoman with a cute face, and especially if she is naked. Angel Emily has several tattoos and piercings, and her height is only 157 centimeters. Therefore, the beauty is often filmed in porn with healthy men, against which it seems even less. A blonde girl with blue eyes admits that she loves hot sex most of all in her life, and also loves big black dicks and, of course, anal sex and dirty talk. Judging by this, we can conclude that her favorite type of sex is anal, and also the Frenchwoman often participates in scenes of triolism and fucks in a group sex, where she even enjoys double penetration and ends up over and over again.

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