175 cm

Ani Blackfox

12.11.1990 (33 years old)


54 kg

Real name:
Ani Black Fox was born on November 12, 1990 in Russia. In 2013, the Russian beauty decided to try herself as an actress of adult films and began posing naked in front of the camera. The chick was not going to stop at what she had achieved, and therefore very soon began to masturbate in front of the lens, after which the first lesbian scenes went. Then the pretty girl went all out and began to practice not only traditional and interracial, but also anal sex. It is worth noting that the actress does not refuse group scenes either, because she herself believes that this way you can finish many times faster than usual. Anya Blackfox weighs 57 kilograms, and her height is 175 centimeters. The star admits that gentle and beautiful sex, as well as courtship and other romantic things turn her on more than anything in the world. Disgust is caused by vulgarity, drugs and stupid partners with whom there is nothing to talk about. A girl with small tits does not have piercings, but she has several tattoos on her body.

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