155 cm

Rebecca Linares, Veronica Linares

13.06.1983 (40 years old)


49 kg

Real name:
Rebeca Linares is the stage name of porn actress Veronica Basan, who was born on June 13, 1983 in San Sebastian, Spain. For a long time she lived in Barcelona, where she began acting in porn in 2006. Very soon, the actress began to travel the world and began acting in adult films in cities such as Berlin and Paris. In March 2006, she finally moved to Los Angeles, where she continued to do what she loved, earning money from it. In March 2009, the beauty received her first titut – "Pussy of the Month" according to Penthouse magazine. The Spaniard weighs 51 kilograms and has a relatively small height of 157 centimeters. She has a large silicone breast, as well as an elastic ass, which to this day she skillfully twirls in front of the cameras and excites everyone. Rebeca Linares stars in scenes of traditional, lesbian, anal and interracial sex. The beauty also loves scenes of triolism and group sex, where you can have fun with a girlfriend, as well as test yourself for strength and give a violent orgasm to several partners at once. The actress also likes to have fun alone, and in such films she often uses not only fingers, but also toys.

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