170 cm

Jessica James

08.03.1979 (45 years old)


53 kg

Real name:
Jessica Jaymes was born on March 8, 1976 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA. At birth, the beauty received the name Jessica, but her real name is Redding. This chick became the most popular when she started acting in the genre of "MILF". In 2008, when a brunette with silicone breasts was already actively engaged in her favorite thing – shooting porn, she received the status of "pussy of the month" in the version of Penthouse magazine. During her career, which lasted until her death on September 17, 2019, she managed to appear in almost 400 films, among which there were hot selections. The beloved and desired mom weighed 53 kilograms, and her height was 170 centimeters. The death of the actress occurred in connection with alcohol abuse. For quite a long career, during which she managed to give fans a lot of pleasure, doing things that many actresses didn't even think about, she tried a lot. For example, Jessica James enjoyed not only traditional vaginal, but also oral and anal sex. In addition, the actress did not refuse double penetration in the scenes of triolism, from which she received many times more pleasure.

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