175 cm

Phoenix Marizzle, Мамка Басты

21.09.1981 (41 years old)


64 kg

Real name:
Melissa Marie Hutchison
Phoenix Marie was born on September 21, 1981 in Riverside, California, USA. At the moment when she decided to become a porn actress, she moved to Los Angeles, where she lives now. In 2006, when the future star turned 25, she decided to try herself as an actress of adult films, and already at the time of 2020 she boasts a huge number of different skills and, of course, well-known studios with which she collaborated. Actively continues to act in porn, but now in the MILF genre, which means that a cute blonde appears in the frame as a mature and anxious mom who clearly lacks sex. The actress weighs 64 kilograms, and her height is 175 centimeters. From this we can conclude that the beauty has long legs, and in addition boasts a big ass and silicone breasts. Phoenix Marie has many nominations and awards, but, as she herself states, - all this does not matter, because the most important thing is that the work brings not only money, but also a lot of fun, and especially when a mature blonde gets a role in a scene with anal sex.

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