157 cm

Lee Ann Vision, Zina Sunshine, Leesa, Nailin Palin

09.05.1972 (51 years old)


51 kg

Real name:
Lisa Anne Corpora
Lisa Ann is one of the most versatile porn actresses in the world, but it is also impossible not to notice that at the same time she is very hot and attractive, despite her advanced age. Sexy brown-haired woman was born on May 9, 1972 in Easton, Pennsylvania, USA. After graduation, the actress entered college, where she studied in the specialty "dentistry" and also successfully completed it, but it took a little work. To pay for her studies, the attractive Lisa Ann began performing on stage as a stripper. It happened in 1990, and three years later, in 1993, she first appeared on the screens as a porn actress. Lisa was engaged in this business, which not only brought money, but also brought an orgasm, until 1997, and stopped because of fear of getting AIDS. In 2006, the actress continued to conquer the porn industry and first positioned herself as an agent, and only then returned to the place of one of the most popular actresses. In 2014, the girl announced her retirement from porn, but 4 years later, in 2018, she returned again and plans to continue making love in front of the cameras, while not forgetting about the profession of a director. She has more than 50 films created under her strict guidance, as well as more than 630 films where Ann took part. She starred in several music videos for artists such as Eninem, Hollywood Undead, and also gave her voice to one of the prostitutes in the famous GTA V game.

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