Katja Kassin




154 cm

Katja Kassen, Katja Kassim, Katja Kassan, Kayla Kassin

24.09.1979 (44 years old)


57 kg

Real name:
Everyone knows that German porn is its separate category, where everything happens much tougher and faster than in the "classic". Many people believe that all actresses who were born in this country should be exactly like that, but this is just a misconception. A striking example is Katja Kassin. She was born on September 24, 1979 in Leipzig, Germany. In September 2000, the future star decided to try herself as a model and began acting not only in underwear, but also nude, posing for various porn magazines. For three years, the chick posed in the style of "light" porn, and soon met the actress of adult films Drew Barrymore and moved on to a rougher and tougher style. In March 2003, she starred in American porn for the first time. It is worth noting that before that she participated in such films only twice. Here, the actress mentioned at the beginning has already turned into a depraved and insatiable slut who is ready for anything for the sake of orgasm and earnings. Katya Kassin began acting in hardcore sex scenes, thanks to which she quickly became famous. At the time of 2021, the girl is actively continuing to engage in hard anal sex and has no plans to stop there.

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