150 cm

Ivy Madison

14.06.1989 (34 years old)


40 kg

Real name:
Клариса Бриггс
Madison Ivy was born on June 14, 1989 in Bavaria, Germany. The future star spent her childhood and youth in Texas, and only then moved to California, where she began working as a dancer. A young and groovy beauty easily attracted attention to herself, and all because she knows how to do things that other workers of dance establishments did not even dream of. She worked as a yoga teacher and personal trainer. From this we can make a logical conclusion that Madison Ivy is very, very flexible, which she demonstrates in adult films. With a rather small height of 150 centimeters, the actress in the films looks very fascinating and it is not immediately possible to understand how small and petite she is. At the same time, she weighs 40 kilograms, and this despite the fact that she has quite large breasts, albeit silicone. In 2015, the star got into an accident, which did not pass without a trace. She had serious injuries in the abdominal cavity, as well as a fractured spine. Despite such a serious injury, Clarice Briggs, real name Madison, refused her favorite occupation for only two years. Already in 2017, she started having sex in front of the cameras again, from which she received incredible pleasure and continues to enjoy the business to this day.

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