160 cm

Ashley Nicole

09.09.1987 (36 years old)


59 kg

Real name:
Ashley Nicole Miller
On September 9, 1987, a naughty blonde was born in San Diego, California, USA, who is now known to many due to roles in porn films. However, in adult films, like many other actresses, the girl did not plan to act. Her career began in 2010, and until that moment she worked in an Italian restaurant. Nicole Aniston decided to try herself as this role when the main job, and with it the boss, were so tired that they simply had no strength left. Cute and insatiable Ashley Nicole Miller is exactly the name the girl received at birth, she began to earn much more, and at the same time she also gets unreal pleasure every time she appears in the frame. All her friends and relatives supported the choice of Nicole Aniston, since such an occupation is quite legal, and even brings good earnings, which allows the actress to lead a luxurious lifestyle. The blue-eyed actress weighs 55 kilograms, and her height is 160 centimeters. At the same time, the hot star is the owner of a silicone breast, which she often brags about in front of the cameras. She practices all kinds of sex and is not afraid of new challenges.

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