155 cm

Bailey Brookes, Bailey Matthews

09.02.1996 (28 years old)


49 kg

Real name:
It's no secret that pretty blondes who are ready for anything for the sake of a violent orgasm are exactly those people who fall into the soul and do not allow themselves to be forgotten. These include the sexy Bailey Brooke, who was born on February 9, 1996 in Los Angeles, USA. In 2015, the beauty realized that she wanted to connect her life with porn and began a career as a professional actress of adult films. Since then, the petite beauty has managed to earn recognition among millions of fans, the number of which is increasing to this day. And this is not surprising, because this low chick, whose height, by the way, is only 157 centimeters, is in demand not only among viewers, but also among producers. Everyone wants to get Bailey Brooke into their ranks, but she only appears in those films that she likes herself. In her free time, the actress likes to sunbathe on the beach, where she also does not remain without attention, and also loves to travel and openly admits that her favorite activity is sex. It is also easy to notice that the passion of the crumbs are big dicks. In the movies, you can watch how an American greedily swallows them up to the tonsils, and also takes not only in the pussy, but also a tight anal hole.

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