165 cm

Nekane Sweet

16.12.1991 (32 years old)


50 kg

Real name:
Spanish beauties are rightfully considered one of the hottest and most desirable. These include the insatiable Nekane. A sexy chick was born on December 16, 1991 in Granada, Spain. The brunette weighs 50 kilograms and has a relatively small height of 165 centimeters. Big breasts, an elastic ass and beautiful eyes, which will be very, very difficult to look away from - all this, as well as much more, has a hot Spaniard who wished not to hide her charms from people. That is why the future actress began her career as a porn actress, and one of the first films where she took part were scenes with masturbation and lesbian sex. Soon Nekane began to practice traditional, interracial and anal sex. Among other things, the actress also stars in scenes of triolism and actively participates in group sex. She also gets unreal pleasure from double penetration, and at the same time loves to work with her mouth. The Spaniard owns it perfectly and can bring any partner to the peak of pleasure in just a few minutes. It is also worth knowing that the actress herself loves mutual oral caresses, and therefore you can often see how she, spreading her legs, gets high from gentle cunnilingus.

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