163 cm

Heidi, Taylor S

18.12.1992 (31 years old)


52 kg

Real name:
Taylor Sands was born on December 18, 1992 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Before starting a career as a porn actress, the girl devoted herself to dancing, and also worked part-time in a very ordinary animal shelter. When the beauty turned 21, namely, in January 2014, she began acting in adult films. The first two years of the chick's career can be called "initial", since during this period she starred exclusively in masturbation scenes, and also engaged in traditional and lesbian types of sex. In 2016, Taylor Sands began to take part in anal scenes, as well as films where double penetration is present. Unfortunately, during her career, the beauty has not yet earned any awards, but she has already been nominated for some of them. She also posed in swimwear and underwear for some popular magazines, and in 2017 she even starred for the February issue of the porn magazine "Barely Lega". Now the actress has already participated in more than 100 films and openly declares that she is going to continue her career in the porn industry.

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