167 cm

Ellen Milion, Iskra

21.04.1978 (46 years old)


54 kg

Real name:
Many mature ladies are offended when they hear people say that milfs can't be as good in bed as young beauties. In order to prove the opposite, one of these moms, who was born on April 21, 1978 in Russia, went to conquer the porn industry. Despite her advanced age, the hot blonde began her career only in 2016. In order to please the audience and producers for sure, the milf deliberately enlarged her breasts and now in every movie she boasts of silicone milks, which can only be envied. Helen Million weighs 54 kilograms with a height of 168 centimeters. This means that a concerned mom not only has long legs and big breasts, but also a thin waist, as well as an elastic ass. Despite the fact that the hot blonde is always on the set and fucks without a break, she manages to keep a page on Instagram, where she regularly posts new photos in revealing underwear. Everyone who has seen at least one picture of a mature Russian woman cannot resist and goes to see how good she is in bed. And there a sexy mom does things that many could not even think about. She participates in group sex with great pleasure and enjoys anal sex, but also does not forget about lesbian games.

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