162 cm


25.08.1998 (24 years old)


55 kg

Real name:
Do you know many Latin American porn actresses? In any case, we want to introduce you to another beauty who decided that sex and work can be combined to get both money and salary. Concerned Havana Bleu was born on August 25, 1998 in Cuba. The owner of a large silicone breast, as well as long legs and an elastic ass, became popular in an instant and it is clear why this happened. Few people can resist such appetizing forms, and especially if the owner knows how to use them and show off, as in the case of Havana Blue. The height of the actress is 162 centimeters, and she weighs 55 kilograms, which once again confirms the words about her beautiful figure. The favorite activity of the star, both on stage and in real life, is hot sex. She stars in scenes of traditional, lesbian and interracial sex. Quite often, the actress demonstrates how skillfully she brings partners to the peak of pleasure with the help of oral caresses, and it does not matter at all whether it is a guy or a girl.

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