167 cm

Carly, Casey

25.01.1994 (30 years old)


61 kg

Real name:
Karlee Grey was born on January 25, 1994 in Florida, United States of America. When she decided to become a porn actress and decided to try herself in this direction, she moved to Los Angeles. She started her career in 2014, deciding that in this way she would be able to earn not only money, but also fame. Actually, that's what happened, because now this girl can be called one of the most popular not only in the USA, but also in the world. And this despite the fact that the beauty does not have huge breasts, but is content with good volumes, which are clearly not going to increase. With a height of 168 centimeters, the actress surprisingly has long legs, which she regularly pushes apart, both on the professional stage and at home. Carly Gray weighs 61 kilograms and this fully explains the presence of a juicy ass, which can only be envied. The actress herself claims that she is only interested in food, and she rarely does sports. Surprisingly, with such a lifestyle, the beauty has gorgeous forms, thanks to which she became popular. At the time of 2020, she is actively filming not only for various major studios, but also in front of a webcam. He often posts videos with homemade masturbation, lesbian games and squirting from a vibrator.

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