157 cm

Dylann Vox, Dylan Voxe

09.01.2000 (24 years old)


51 kg

Real name:
Skylar Vox was born on January 9, 2000 in Florida. She did not plan to act in adult films, but only wanted to find out how they work. Then the pretty blonde sent several nude photos to agencies and quickly got her first role in porn, and it happened in 2019, when she was 19 years old. And this is clearly an example of the fact that only one desire is needed in order to reach certain peaks and start doing what you like most. After the first scene, a sexy girl with big breasts realized that she did not want to stop. Actually, it is actively continuing to develop in this direction at the time of 2020. Skylar Vox became famous, most likely, due to its openness and willingness to experiment. She is one of those actresses who never imitates an orgasm and ends up in front of the lens for real. Most likely, that's why the girl likes her job and she does not intend to stop fucking in front of the cameras. It is worth noting that for a short career, Skylar has already managed to star in a scene with anal sex and there you can see how much she liked it. From this we can conclude that the pretty blonde will continue to appear in films of this kind, which undoubtedly pleases fans.

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