170 cm


19.08.1997 (26 years old)


52 kg

Real name:
Sasha Sparrow was born on July 19, 1997 in Russia. The famous Russian actress weighs 52 kilograms, despite the fact that her height is 170 centimeters. The girl achieved fame due to her willingness to experiment. She is determined to become one of the most famous porn stars not only at home, but all over the world. Therefore, one should expect even more from this person than she gives now. It is worth noting that a sexy brunette with long legs has some talents, namely, to work with her mouth so that she can easily and effortlessly bring any partner to the peak of pleasure, as well as take several members into tight holes at once. It's easy to guess that Sasha Sparrow is happy to engage in a variety of types of sex. These include not only double penetration and oral sex, described above, but also lesbian games, as well as gang bang scenes. In every film where Sasha takes part, she proves to the audience that this is not all that she is capable of. You just need to wait a little while until the next picture with the participation of this chick comes out, in order not only to get excited in seconds from the start of viewing, but even to finish.

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