Cheryl Blossom




168 cm

Lana Bunny, Lana Banny, Lana Blossom

05.05.1998 (25 years old)


85 kg

Real name:
Cheryl Blossom is the stage name of a Russian actress who was born on May 5, 1998. She also appears in films under the names Lana Bunny and Lana Blossom. The weight of the star is 85 kilograms, and the height at the same time is only 168 centimeters. Such figures clearly indicate the presence of appetizing forms, which not every star possesses. She has huge tits, as well as a juicy ass, it is almost impossible to look away from them. Cheryl Boss can not be called a porn actress as such, because she stars exclusively in erotic films, where she only shows off her body, and occasionally gives herself to the operators to paw. The Russian woman, despite the gorgeous body with curvy shapes, as well as the willingness to show them in the frame, is a rather shy and modest chick. That is why Cheryl Blossom in the near future, as she has repeatedly hinted to fans, is not going to star in full-fledged porn. Fortunately, the chick will not give up the current occupation, and therefore the audience will also be able to admire the huge tits and the cute face of the lush Russian star.

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