157 cm

Elnara Cat, Bianka, Rebecca Fox, Renata H

25.07.1996 (27 years old)


57 kg

Real name:
Renata Fox is one of those actresses who can be watched indefinitely. This beauty has not only a gorgeous body, but also possesses such skills that even experienced porn actresses can envy. The girl was born on July 26, 1996 in Russia. In some interviews, the baby admitted that she always liked to watch porn, and upon reaching the age of 18, she decided to try herself in this direction. To begin with, the baby began to learn to give pleasure to partners in various ways, and therefore the first scenes with her contained vaginal and oral sex. Now that Renata Fox has learned not only to work with her mouth, but also to stay in the frame so as to excite anyone with just her appearance, she began acting in various films. It boasts of filming scenes with lesbian, traditional, anal, as well as group sex. The girl has repeatedly admitted that now anal gives her such pleasure that it is impossible to get from any other kind of sex. Also, the baby loves oral sex, and especially if we are talking about lesbian sex, where you can use not only fingers and tongues, but also a variety of toys.

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