175 cm


10.12.1998 (25 years old)


52 kg

Real name:
Nia Nacci was born on December 10, 1998 in Oklahoma, USA. Many people like Black women, and especially if they are the happy owners of big tits. Fortunately, this person has a beautiful and large chest, with which she can easily excite anyone. Among other things, the girl has a cute face, as well as slender legs and a flat tummy. And all because the black actress regularly goes in for sports and, of course, devotes a lot of time not only to work, but also to her favorite business, which she successfully combined into one. The Black woman weighs 52 kilograms despite the fact that her height is 170 centimeters. Despite the fact that the beauty's career began relatively recently, she has already managed to fall in love with many, which means that in the near future she is not going to leave the porn business. Thanks to her work, Nia Nachi gets not only money, but also unreal pleasure. This can be seen in every movie with her participation, where the beauty boldly engages in many types of sex. She is not averse to fooling around with girls, as well as giving herself to guys in a tight ass to please them, and to cum profusely at times faster than usual.

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