160 cm


04.03.1985 (39 years old)


55 kg

Real name:
Angela White
Angela White was born on March 4, 1985 in Sydney, Australia. To many, this actress is known for her large breasts, but, we assure you, this is not all the charms that she possesses. It is worth noting that this particular beauty is one of the most popular porn stars for several years. Many people know how she managed to hook fans and like the producer, and those who don't know yet – read more carefully. Angela White started her career in 2003, as soon as she turned 18. Then she hadn't even finished high school yet, but she had already become the most discussed student due to the non-standard choice of profession.For eight years, the girl performed only alone, and occasionally kept company with lesbians and pampered them with cunnilingus. Only in 2011, a playful brunette with big breasts began acting with men and took part in the hardcore scene. At the time of 2020, he is actively continuing his career and acting in almost all the scenes that the directors only offer. This can include anal sex, and scenes with double penetration, and BDSM sex, as well as interracial, group and many others. She appeared on television, in the Pizza series, and also acted as a model for many famous magazines. She tried herself in politics and even became a candidate from the Australian Sex Party of Victoria. She advocated for the support of porn industry workers and tried to give them as many rights as possible.

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