165 cm

Nelly Kent XXX

19.05.1997 (26 years old)


48 kg

Real name:
Nelly Kent was given the name Elena Nela Opry at birth. She was born on May 19, 1997 in Targu-Nyamc, Nyamc, Romania. It should be noted right away that this actress had a rather difficult childhood, because she grew up in a foster family. For a short time she lived in Italy, where she studied in the third and fourth grades, and then returned to her homeland. The girl has already graduated from high school there, and in 2016 she moved to Bucharest. There, the future star worked in a local magazine as an author of articles, as well as an accountant, and even managed to run her own blog. At the same time, a sexy brunette with brown eyes was filmed as a webcam model. Soon the girl finished with this case and at the beginning of 2018 she went to the first casting in her life, which took place in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It is worth noting that Nelly Kent is not an ordinary actress, because she has always been interested in such things that many did not even dream of. For example, she quite often refuses ordinary scenes with lesbian and traditional sex, as she is attracted to hardcore themes. For example, a brunette with silicone breasts is regularly filmed in anal sex scenes and even enjoys double penetration, which some do not even dare to do.

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