177 cm

Stacey Gilmore, Morgan Nubiles

05.12.1988 (35 years old)


59 kg

Real name:
Natalie Gold was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, on December 9, 1988. The dark-haired beauty began acting in porn in 2009, when she realized that work should bring not only money, but also pleasure. And in order to get both in abundance, the chick decided to continue her sexual adventures in front of the camera. Nataly Gold weighs 60 kilograms, and her height is 178 centimeters. From this we can conclude that the Russian woman has slender and long legs, but at the same time does not have large breasts. Despite this disadvantage, the Russian actress of adult films quickly became popular. It happened because the brunette was ready for absolutely anything and was not afraid of future experiments. So, for example, a chick started her career with the hottest sex in her life, during which she managed to cum several times right in front of the camera. Now Natalie Gold regularly continues to act in porn and gives maximum pleasure not only to partners on the site, but also to the audience. She is filmed in scenes of BDSM, anal, interracial, group, lesbian and other types of sex. Sometimes a skinny girl even decides on double and double anal penetration in order to get an orgasm right in front of the cameras.

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