168 cm

Marchy Rock, Mary Roo

08.07.1995 (28 years old)


49 kg

Real name:
There are many popular actresses in the world who were born and raised in Russia. Some of them stay at home, where they participate in adult films, while others, such as Mary Rock, go further and move abroad, where they continue to act in porn. This girl was born on July 8, 1995 in Russia. A cute and attractive skinny girl with small breasts has been loved by many for her attitude to work. The fact is that she really gets maximum pleasure not only from sex, but also from the very process of shooting a movie. A pretty Russian woman has rather long and slender legs with a height of 168 centimeters. Her body is decorated with tattoos and piercings. In her free time, Mary Rock likes to dance, as well as play sports, swim in the pool and, of course, like the most ordinary girl, go shopping. In porn, the cutie gets up a variety of feints, and the maximum pleasure, according to her assurances, is anal sex. This can be observed in a large number of films where there are similar scenes, for example, from the Tushy studio, with which the Russian managed to work.

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