167 cm

Charlie Red

17.04.1996 (26 years old)


52 kg

Real name:
There are a lot of hot porn actresses with red hair in the world, but Charlie Red deserves special attention. She was born on April 17, 1996 in Prague, Czech Republic. A young and sexy chick has a fairly high height equal to 170 centimeters. The owner of long legs has a small silicone breast, as well as several tattoos and piercings adorning her gorgeous body. A pretty redhead in 2018 began her career in the porn industry and immediately became popular when, without hesitation, she began to show off her gorgeous body in front of the cameras. The green-eyed Czech has always loved hot sex, and therefore decided to connect her life and work with it. Now that the chick has become a professional porn actress, she already practices various types of sex and admits that anal is her favorite at the moment. Among other things, Charlie Red loves to suck big dicks, and also regularly allows you to lick a sweet crack, from which she herself gets unreal pleasure and watches how partners get excited. The Czech also does not refuse lesbian sex and quite often recently began to act with black partners. She does not deny the fact that the scenes of triolism are filled with passion, and therefore regularly takes part in them, especially if she is filmed with two same-sex partners.

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