29.08.1971 (52 years old)



Real name:
Надя Сказка Силенская
Nadya Basinger is an ardent fan of rough sex and does not hide it from anyone. Hot and insatiable mom with great pleasure undresses in front of the cameras and gives herself every time like the last one. This attractive blonde was born on August 21, 1971. Already, she has a reputation as a milf who can easily make anyone cum. Nadia Basinger calls herself a bisexual, and therefore does not refuse scenes with both traditional and lesbian sex. A mature beauty began her career in the porn business with a chic cunnilingus, which brought her partner to a violent orgasm. She got the second role in the movie, where she had to pretend to be a slut who loves gang bang. However, soon mom stopped pretending and really got unreal pleasure from double penetration. The concerned actress has a large silicone breast, but at the same time, despite her age, she maintains a chic figure in shape and regularly exercises when there is free time from filming. The actress does not forget about the whims of fans, and therefore sometimes releases videos where she enjoys playful fingers and a vibrator all alone, and also often continues to act in lesbian sex scenes.

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