162 cm

Tracy Lyons, Mandi Dee, Mika Boolana, Mika Bodana, Dorothee Dionne, Amelie Jane, Sabrina Blue

23.01.1988 (36 years old)


52 kg

Real name:
Даша Макарова
Daria Makarova or Mandy Dee, as many used to call her, was born on January 23, 1988 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The girl, like many other actresses who have achieved a certain popularity at home, did not plan to build a career in porn, but the need for money played a role. A cute blonde is exactly the kind of girl it may seem at first glance, but it soon becomes clear that she is actually an insatiable bitch who will do anything for a stormy orgasm and money. The girl weighs 52 kilograms, and her height is 168 centimeters. The mischievous actress initially planned to engage only in lesbian sex, but soon realized that she would not "go far" like that. Therefore, the chick began to agree to hot traditional sex, and soon got the first anal scene. She liked it so much that now Mandy Dee is not going to stop and continues to do what she loves at every opportunity. Quite often she is filmed in group sex, where she gives partners to stretch tight holes with several members at once. Here you can watch how the actress gets a genuine orgasm and moans loudly as if she is ready to cum over and over again until the movie ends.

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