155 cm


18.07.1986 (38 years old)


48 kg

Real name:
Hitomi Tanaka was born on July 18, 1986 in Osaka, Japan. Most viewers like big tits, but only natural ones. And, unfortunately, as far as we know, residents of Asian countries often do not have such charms, and therefore are forced to "go under the knife". But do not think about the fact that there are no such actresses in the world at all, because a striking example is the same Japanese woman, which will be discussed now. She is the lucky owner of perhaps one of the biggest boobs in the history of porn. Actually, this is what Hitomi Tanaka attracted the attention of fans. Among other things, she is able to do things in the frame that even some of the most depraved actresses did not dream of. Often she is filmed with the same busty actresses and demonstrates her charms there. Also, the Japanese woman performs in pairs with men, and often enjoys toys in front of the camera and gets unreal pleasure. This burning Asian woman is often filmed in erotic videos, where she simply demonstrates her charms and gently paws herself for huge tits.

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