168 cm

Akane Mizuki

28.10.1986 (37 years old)


53 kg

Real name:
Anri Okita was born on October 26, 1986. This attractive Asian woman can be called an exception, since she is one of the few residents of this country who became the owner of a large breast without the intervention of surgeons. It is safe to say that it is tits, as well as an elastic ass and a pretty face, that is why the Japanese woman hooked the audience and gathered a whole fan base around her. Despite the fact that the girl was born in the UK, she does not accept being called an Englishwoman, since she considers herself to be a real Japanese. If you do not know the date when a hot actress, as well as a musical performer, was born, it is impossible to give her more than twenty-five, because she looks just amazing. The Japanese woman's main hobby, of course, after porn and music, is cosplay. She likes to dress up in costumes of heroes from movies, cartoons and games, and then present herself in this form in front of the camera. Often she is filmed in scenes of lesbian and traditional sex, and also constantly pleases fans of unshaven pubes, like other Asian women. Also, the buxom beauty is regularly filmed in group porn, and the main reason why she does it is not only money, fame and a violent orgasm, but also an ending on her face, because a cumshot is a secret passion of Henri Okita, which she is even afraid to admit to herself.

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