170 cm

Lulu Burnett, Marel Dew

02.10.1988 (35 years old)



Real name:
Hazel Dew was born on October 2, 1988 in Russia. She, perhaps, can be attributed to the number of those actresses about whom practically nothing is known. The thing is that this person does not like to talk about herself at all, and all the information that exists about her is films where the beauty takes part. Fortunately, Hazel Dew plays in the pictures so qualitatively and naturally that it is possible to draw certain conclusions after viewing just a couple of them. For example, it can be clearly understood that the actress's favorite thing is sex, and his beloved kind is anal. This chick likes to be noticed by everyone around her, and therefore quite often she is filmed in revealing outfits and stockings. Likes to participate in scenes of triolism and group sex. He can easily please not only guys, but also girls, which, in fact, he regularly does. Also, the Russian woman likes to give men pleasure with the help of a skillful mouth, because it's not for nothing that she learned to swallow strong risers up to the tonsils.

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