162 cm

Carrie Cherrie, Carry Cherri, Carry Cherry, Corry Cherry, Karry Cherry

29.06.1984 (39 years old)


40 kg

Real name:
Russian actresses who could not become popular all over the world, do not give up and continue to do what they love, knowing that they still have their fans, and a considerable number. Such girls include Carry Cherri. Few people know, but this attractive chick has been having sex in front of cameras for a long time and has repeatedly met every lover of Russian porn. She was born on June 29, 1984. The baby does not have chic and memorable shapes. Small breasts and a small, but round and elastic ass, as well as a cute face and beautiful eyes – this is what Carrie Cherry can boast of. The Russian star weighs 40 kilograms, and her height is 162 centimeters. The girl tries not to miss the opportunity to earn extra money and get a violent orgasm, and therefore participates in a variety of films. Often the actress is filmed in scenes of triolism and group sex, where she demonstrates all her skills. She can easily give pleasure not only to guys, but also to girls, which she regularly does. Judging by the pictures where Carry Cherri is filmed, she loves anal and even occasionally tries double penetration, thanks to which she has never been left without an orgasm after filming.

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