160 cm

Elsa Dream Jean, Molly, Elsa Dream

01.09.1996 (27 years old)


45 kg

Real name:
Sapphire Nicole Howell
Elsa Jean was born on September 1, 1996 in Canton, Ohio, United States of America. As soon as the girl graduated from school at the age of 16, she immediately entered the university and planned to get a higher education in order to fulfill her dream and become a surgical assistant. However, the wishes of the baby changed quickly as soon as she turned 18. Upon reaching adulthood, a young blonde with big breasts went to conquer the porn industry, completely forgetting about the career of a surgeon. It happened in 2015, in the summer. This pretty girl, who took part of a pseudonym in honor of her favorite cartoon character "Cold Heart", quickly began to gain popularity. And this is not surprising, because Elsa Jean is one of those actresses who is able to bring both girls and guys to a real orgasm. In addition, the cutie was famous for her patience and anal virginity, which, as it recently became known, she lost. It happened in September 2020, when Elsa agreed to a scene with anal sex for Tushy Studio. She has been repeatedly nominated for various awards and prizes. She has several tattoos, and in the same year, when she changed her principles, taking a cock in a tight ass, she enlarged her breasts, albeit quite a bit.

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