185 cm

Blaire Ivory

28.01.1998 (26 years old)


55 kg

Real name:
Despite the fact that Lina Andersson is almost the most popular and hottest actress of 2021, few people know when and where she was born, as well as in which scenes she prefers to act. She was born on January 28, 1998 in Dallas, Texas, USA. Until the age of 17, the girl lived in Virginia, and then moved to Los Angeles, where she made her debut as an actress in adult films. For the first time in porn, she starred in 2016, as soon as she turned 18. It's no secret that the first scenes with her participation were scenes of lesbian sex and masturbation. Since then, the baby began to practice traditional sex, but it didn't last long, because soon she took a break and returned to the industry only in 2019. Now Lena Anderson takes great pleasure in filming anal and interracial sex scenes, in addition to those where she has already taken part.

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