180 cm

Ania Kinski

31.07.1977 (46 years old)


55 kg

Real name:
Ania Kinski was born in Auschwitz, Poland, on July 31, 1980. The hot porn actress, familiar to almost everyone who is somehow fond of this genre of cinema, weighs only 55 kilograms, despite the fact that her height is 180 centimeters. From this we can conclude that a sexy brunette, who is distinguished by large breasts and a juicy ass, also has long legs. Quite often, the actress performs in stockings in order to become even sexier and please not only her partners on the set, but also loyal fans. A burning chick repeatedly proves that she can not only please guys, but also girls. She boldly licks sweet pussies and demands the same in her films. It is famous for the ability to suck big dicks in a way that even young actresses who attended special courses do not know how to do. Anya Kinski is also not averse to having fun with anal sex, and sometimes you can even notice that the actress moans from deep penetration into the ass much louder than from traditional sex. The burning brunette also regularly appears in scenes with threesome sex, and sometimes indulges herself with toys alone and ends up abundantly.

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