163 cm


24.05.1988 (36 years old)


47 kg

Real name:
Yui Hatano can be attributed to the category of porn actresses who, for the sake of a violent orgasm, are ready for absolutely anything. To begin with, you should get to know the star better, and therefore it is worth knowing that she was born on May 25, 1988 in Japan. The height of a hot Asian woman is 163 centimeters, and she weighs 47 kilograms at the same time. The actress does not have big breasts and buns, but it also cannot be said that she does not have these charms at all. A Japanese woman can easily excite and push anyone to the limit. She has repeatedly proved this in her films, where she stars in scenes of traditional and lesbian sex, and also sometimes takes part in non-standard porn. For example, Yui Hatano is not averse to pampering himself with toys, as well as participating in BDSM sex. Among other things, it is worth noting that she starred in scenes where she skillfully used a strap-on and gave pleasure to guys. Also, a Japanese woman, like many other actresses of this country, likes to get sperm not only on her face, but also inside. Of course, no movie with her participation is complete without oral caresses, thanks to which not only she ends up squirting, but also brings guys to the limit.

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