162 cm

Viola Paige, Violetta Banks, Viola Baileys, Vanea Viola Oh

03.03.1993 (30 years old)


55 kg

Real name:
Latvia is a country of endless beaches and dense forests. Few people know that porn is not as widespread in this country as in some others. However, this does not prevent some people, such as Viola Bailey, from starting a career in this industry. Fortunately for the audience, this chick, who was born on March 3, 1993, made her choice in favor of adult films consciously, because she knew what she wanted to do since childhood. The girl weighs 55 kilograms, and her height is 163 centimeters. Many people fell in love with this actress from Riga because of her big breasts, as well as a cute face and, of course, an irresistible desire to have sex in front of the camera. Busty Viola Bailey practices a variety of types of sex, despite the fact that she started only with scenes with masturbation and lesbian sex. At the time of 2021, she is actively engaged in traditional and anal sex. It is worth noting that for the first time she finished from anal it was at the casting of Pierre Woodman, like many other actresses. Viola also appears in erotic videos, where sometimes she not only shows off her forms, but also caresses herself with her fingers.

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