Vi Lev






15.11.2000 (23 years old)



Real name:
Secretive actresses who prefer to remain unknown to everyone and everyone are very popular. Everyone wants to find out what is hidden under the mask or which of the insatiable chicks living near you is exactly the porn star whose videos you regularly watch on the Internet. Some Russian girls also prefer to perform incognito, so as not to get burned in front of their neighbors, but at the same time earn money doing what they love. So did Vi Lev, who was born on November 15, 2000 in Russia. This hot chick with big breasts is filmed exclusively in a mask and with great pleasure have sex in front of the camera with her boyfriend. The Russian woman skillfully works with her mouth, which she regularly demonstrates in front of the webcam. Also, the chick is able to satisfy the guy with a wet pussy and constantly gives herself to him in different poses in order to cum abundantly and at the same time please the fans. Quite often, Vi Lev appears in front of the camera in revealing outfits consisting of lace underwear and stockings, which only makes her sexier. Recently, the Russian beauty even began to enjoy anal sex and moreover enjoys not only traffic jams and dildos, but also from the standing member of her partner.

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