154 cm

Barbie Bree

01.08.1991 (32 years old)


43 kg

Real name:
Veronica Rodriguez was born on August 1, 1991 in Caracas, Venezuela. When the girl was still very young, her parents moved her to the USA, when the brunette lives to this day. A skinny beauty with small breasts easily attracted attention when she began acting in porn. However, like many actresses, she did not want to devote her life to adult films, but realized that this was the only way she had the opportunity to earn a large amount of money and ensure a decent future. The brown-eyed beauty weighs 44 kilograms, and her height is 160 centimeters. She does not have big breasts, as we have already said, but at the same time she has an elastic ass, which she regularly shows off, undressing naked in front of the cameras. Veronica Rodriguez is absolutely not shy and is not afraid to experiment. Therefore, the girl regularly shoots in a variety of scenes, but most of all she likes to feel big dicks in her mouth. She can safely take the bolt almost to the tonsils and is proud of it. Often he is filmed with lesbians and proves that he can even cum from playful fingers and tongues. Moreover, the actress has so many films with a bias towards lesbian games that it can be concluded that she likes to enjoy cunnilingus much more than traditional sex.

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