172 cm

Venessa Cage

19.11.1991 (32 years old)


57 kg

Real name:
Vanessa Cage was born on November 19, 1991 in Coral Springs, Florida, USA. There is no exact information about when the beauty started her career in porn, but it doesn't matter, because the main thing is to know that now she actively continues to do what she loves and regularly pleases fans by starring in new adult films. It is not surprising that this sexy person immediately liked many, because she has not only a cute face, but also a large, albeit silicone, breast. At the same time, the blonde's weight is 57 kilograms, and her height is 173 centimeters. Therefore, we can safely say that she is also the happy owner of long and slender legs. The appetizing blonde is often filmed not only in traditional sex scenes, but also in lesbian ones, and also likes to take part in scenes of triolism. Often proves that anyone can bring to a bright orgasm, because he skillfully works both with his mouth and tongue, not to mention other narrow holes. Vanessa Cage openly admits and regularly demonstrates that she likes to enjoy cunnilingus and herself believes that oral sex is an important and integral part of sexual intercourse.

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