Timea Bella




163 cm


30.03.1992 (31 years old)


50 kg

Real name:
Hungarian women, as many people know, often become popular in the field of adult entertainment. So it happened with the hot Timea Bella. She was born on August 6, 1984 in Hungary. There is no exact information about when exactly the girl started acting in porn, but it doesn't matter, because the main thing is to know that at the time of 2021 she is actively continuing to do what she loves. The star weighs only 51 kilograms, and the height is 168 centimeters. Of course, Timea Bella, like her other colleagues from Hungary, became famous because of her openness to experiments. She is absolutely not shy about cameras and is ready to act in any scenes. For example, she often appears in scenes of rough and hardcore sex, where she is regularly satisfied with two or even three members at once. She also likes to participate in lesbian sex scenes, where she enjoys cunnilingus and hot masturbation, and also makes her friends cum.

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