Sonya Sweet




160 cm

Soniy Sweet, Sonia Sweet

14.04.1996 (28 years old)


45 kg

Real name:
Skinny blondes with small tits and elastic asses are the limit of many dreams. Having found out about this, Sonya Sweet decided to try herself as a porn actress. Baby was born on April 14, 1996 in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the age of 19, a pretty girl began a career in adult entertainment and immediately became one of the most popular stars in her homeland. The height of the cutie is only 160 centimeters, and she weighs 45 kilograms. With all this, Sonya Sweet has rather long and slender legs, as well as an elastic ass, which compensates for the lack of large breasts. Initially, the blonde, like many of her colleagues in the profession, was engaged in traditional sex, and also took part in scenes of triolism. Now, at the time of 2021, Sonya is engaged in anal sex and, judging by the loud moans, she gets no less pleasure than from vaginal. Also, the skinny girl loves oral caresses, and not only to receive them, but also to pamper partners in this way. At the same time, it does not matter to the actress whether a guy or a girl will be filmed with her, because she works equally well with her mouth and tongue.

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